What is your favorite book?


Books are very good to learn a new language. Share your favorite book :slight_smile:


I have a number of books I would call my favorites. Here are some of them: The Science of Personal Achievement, The Peter Principle, Everybody Lies, Information Rules, Wikinomics, 1984, Brave New World. How about you?


I book I just finished and really enjoyed is entitled The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F@&$
Much better than its title might suggest.


I have read it recently as well, one of my favorites! The title doesn’t clearly represents the idea of the book:) It rather suggests to take care about important and meaningful things in life and not let all the routine worries to spoil the mood and the life:) The author is a great story-teller, I totally recommend to add it to the reading list:)


My favorite is The Forsyte Saga.


My favorite book is entitled " The art of being a liar person" It is a book teaches methods of communication. Another nice book is about Psychology, keywords, memory recall, personal behavior analysis, Projective tests, emotions, and emotions manipulation, stimuli…etc. Although it was very difficult for me to understand. I enjoyed reading a third book which was entitled " How to be a fake person".


Are you sure the title is ‘The Art of being a Liar Person’? I ask because ‘a liar person’ sounds odd to me. You can either be a liar or a person but not a ‘liar person’.


Sir Torsten. Thank you very much for your correction. No, actually I’m not sure about the word person. I added it later. It is my weak memory and bad English, because of my very old age. It is my wrong translation for the book title meaning. The right title according to your correction is " The art of being a liar". Yes sir, you are right " You can either be a liar or a person but not a liar person". What about “a fake person” ? Does it follow the same rule?


I think ‘a fake person’ falls into a different category than ‘a liar person’ because ‘fake’ can be a noun.


Thanks Sir Torsten. Please, could you help me to know
A) which one of the following is correct:-

  1. He is a liar
  2. He is liar?


He is a liar or he’s a liar.


Please sir, is the word “liar” is an adjective? If the answer will be " yes", why we can say “She is a beautiful girl” and “she is beautiful” while we can not say “He is a liar person” and “He is liar”?


Liar is a noun and the adjective would be lying.


Thank you very much, sir.


Hi Mona, in English, “is” can be used with a noun or an adjective, which actually seems a little odd to me - why not one word for an adjective and another for a noun? But in any case, that is the way it is, so “a person is a liar” or “a person is lying” are both valid.


Thank you very much, Sir Luschen.

  1. So, we can say " She is a lying girl", too. Can’ t we?
  2. What about the right place of the comma? Is it before or after the word “Sir”?
    Many thanks