What is your apporach of problem-solving and how does it work for you?

Everyone in the world makes mistakes and has his or her own problems. Even one of the noblest person in the world, Thomas Edison became successful by solving plenty of problems that came to him while he was doing his experiments again and again. However, what is the best approach to the problems we face? In my opinion, there are a total of four essential stages in order to solve my problem. The following explanation will further discuss how these stages work for me?

First of all, it is the problem identifying process. This process indicates the beginning of a problem-solving process. Then, I will analyze my problems in order to have a clearer picture on my main problem. In addition, I will also get some opinions of others to have a variety of thoughts on the problem I face.

Secondly, here comes the solution building process. Since I have identified and analyzed my problem in the earlier stage, I will then find a silent place and think of possible solution subtly. In this phrase, a clear mind without any disturb is very important to make sure that the solution is reasonable and effective. I will get the opinions on others on the problem I am facing. However, I will strongly stand on my own solution and will not be affected by others’ thought. This can in turn build my self-confidence in solving a problem.

Subsequently, I will apply the solution that I came out with in the earlier stage. This process is to verify the effectiveness of the solution or decision I made. However, this solution won’t be success for sure. Anyway, I will keep trying to think of any better solution in solving my problem. Spirit will always carry on in my mind and I won’t give up till the day I find the appropriate solution.

Last but not least, the last stage will be a stage to make a conclusion of this whole problem-solving process. Learning from flaws is the best policy for me to keep away from problems in the future. As a matter of fact, I will make a conclusion of what I have actually learnt throughout this problem-solving process. This stage is essential to augment my knowledge in my daily life.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that a few proper stages will definitely help to better organize a problem-solving approach.

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is that a rule that I can’t pass up two essays in a time?
Sorry as this is the first time I m being told of this policy. Anyway, I guess I m too hurry of getting some assessment as I m taking the test this coming Saturday.

What do you gain by posting two essays that will most likely contain the same errors?
Is it logical?
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