What is usage of "would have had to"

when do we use “would have had to” in a sentence?

~ T

What a question. :slight_smile: It has so many usages.
It is usually as a consequence of another’s actions, or of your own.

" I would have had to hit him if he hadn’t shut up! "

" He would have had to go hungry if I hadn’t given him some money."

" They would have had to sleep rough if you hadn’t helped them."


Thanks for your response.

Would there be any difference in interpretation if I use -

" I would have hit him if he hadn’t shut up! "

instead of

" I would have had to hit him if he hadn’t shut up! "

Is there any sense of compulsion in latter sentence?

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Hello Tarun, It was certainly a good question that you asked.

Answering your latest question is a little more difficult.

I would agree with your inference regarding the feeling of compulsion, but I really don’t feel qualified to answer it with any confidence, but I’m sure one of our resident experts will surely respond.

Regards, Bill.

Thanks for Nice Words.
I would be keenly waiting for response from other Gurus.

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