What is under "I would/wouldn't use/write/add/omit..."

I hear quite a few native speakers on language fora/ums using the expression “I would/n’t use/write/add…”, or similar.


I would add the article there.
I wouldn’t use that form.
I would write the full form.
I wouldn’t omit ___ there.

Students, when you read such, do you imagine the native is saying 1) “I would advise you not to/to do that as it is/isn’t correct/standard/acceptable” 2) “I personally would/n’t do that, but it’s OK if you/others do/don’t”?

Natives, when you write such, what do you really mean by it?

I think, in this case a native speaker doesn’t know the rule and rely on his/her feeling/understanding. For me native speakers have the last word in our discussions, even if they are wrong :slight_smile: . But if I don’t get their opinion, I take the answers from other members, most of them are teachers or share my interest to the subject.
Your (for example) explanations are always useful for me. And if you say ‘I would/n’t’ I’ll take it. :slight_smile:

?? Why?

because they created their language

Not all of them.

Today I invented a new (Russian) word and used it in a conversation with one of my friends. The meaning of the word was ‘to change one’s mind’. She looked at me in surprise: ‘What did you say?’ Of course, she understood the meaning, but the form of the word sounded funny. :slight_smile: