What is the word? (some rumour about the sanitation of the factory)

say you always buy a certain brand of tea. then you hear some rumour about the sanitation of the factory and you no longer want to buy that brand.

what is the word? I want to say: “I … that brand” but I don’t want to use “disgust” but something like “feeling cold”.

thank you

Hello Sua, welcome to English Test!

You could say that you distrust that brand.

Perhaps other members will have other suggestions too.

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I can think of a few but none quite fits the bill…

Shun; boycott; ostracize; avoid; blackball

Lately I have to really look hard to avoid any dairy related products that were made in Asia because of the melamine scare. It has been quite a chore since almost everything seem to come from that region.

I think ‘eschew’ is a particularly apt choice here, although admittedly not a frequently used word amongst learners.

Plus, it’s just plain fun to say.


what about “turn off” or “put off”?

oh,OK,I got it!

can we say

“I am turned off of that brand” ? is the “of” necessary?

Hello Sua,

Yes, you can say:

  1. I was put off that brand
  2. I was turned off that brand

The “of” would be unnecessary.

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