What is the thing you love/hate most in this forum?

Hello people,

I personally love the fact that we get e-mails whenever someone writes a reply in our topics. And frankly speaking, I hate nothing about this forum; however, there are things I’d love to see improved, one of them is the layout. (Our beloved Site Admin, Torsten, said once that the team is working on that, but they have a set priorities to work on first and that’s actually the right thing to do).

What about you?

Hi Happytofita,

I must be experiencing some problems with my browser, as I tried to record a message several times… Whatever.

Actually, everything about this site is great. No doubt about that. Also, I think anyone who considers himself part of this community can’t possibly ‘hate’… It is just too strong a word. The only thing which needs adjustment is the ‘Forum’ button at the home page. It is too… grey. When I first visited this site it was so hard to find it. I believe something must be done about it… Or probably it’s just me and my sloppy vision, don’t know. :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hi Dimitar,

What error message did you get when you tried to record a voice message and what OS and browser version do you use?

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Hi Torsten,

I didn’t receive any error message, but the browser just wouldn’t load the applet. I use Windows XP SP2, both Opera and IE 7.0, I have all the necessary plug-ins installed. However, I really think it’s just a temporary problem, for I managed to record a voice message some hours ago.

Thank you for the interest,

Hi Skiluck,

when did you try the voice message opportunity at this site. I ask since it occured to me that I installed Java yesterday and was able to listen to the voice messages immediately but the record applet didn´t appear on my screen, though. This morning I tried again and the applet popped up. The challenge with my mike I was able to handle. Now I´m enabled to add a voice message after sending a post message. Even if I´d like to edit a v.m. I can do that, indeed I must push the “edit” button, send the post again and am enabled to add a new v.m…

That´s how my matters stand now. I will see how my opportunities will develop.



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