what is the phrasal verb for knife?

what is the phrasal verb for knife?

Hi hajra,

You can ‘knife through’ something.

knife at/through/over

It would be nice if you could also provide a few examples, Molly.

Kindly give me the reference as well (name of dictionary or we site)

Did you provide examples for “knife through”?

He knifed at the passersby crazily. (He was in the street waving a knife around threateningly. Or He was in the street waving his flattened hands around threateningly.)

He knifed over her body, She prayed for help to come soon. (He didn’t pierce her skin but moved the knifed above her skin and on it’s surface. In a horrifically teasing way.)

I would call this a pharsal verb, but some might, so…

She ran her palm along the window ledge and knifed the drops of water over the side.

Hi hajra

You can find an example of “knife through” used here (definition 6):
The ship knifed through the heavy seas.

This site is handy if you want to check multiple dictionaries:

Here’s another:

“He’ll wait,” she knifed back. Robin kept her eyes glued to her book, raging inwardly.

The Harrowing. By Alexandra Sokoloff.