what is the meaning of "round" in the following sentence?

in “large radios carried round in public places,” does “carry round” mean “carry around”?


“Around and round can often be used with the same meaning in British English, though around is more formal: The earth goes round/around the sun. ◇ They live round/around the corner. ◇ We travelled round/around India. ◇ She turned round/around when I came in. In North American English only around can be used in these meanings.”
Oxford Learner’s Dictionary (online)

Hi Xupeng,

‘Around’ is often used to emphasise the idea of moving from one place to another when used as an adverb because both ‘round’ and ‘around’ can be both prepositions and adverbs. The use I am talking about when ‘around’ is used as an adverb you can see in these sentences:

There is a story going around that X is going to marry Y.

The trouble with Charlie is that he can’t keep a secret and he goes around telling people things he should keep private.


I’m always followed around.