What is the difference of will and shall in plural or singular?

i am not good in grammar. Always confuse to choose words. And if I not good in grammar my writing is not well enough.

what is the different of will and shall in plural or singular?


both will and shall are used to make the future. However, as a native English speaker I never use shall with the idea of future. Here in Canada as well as in the USA “Will” is used to make the future whereas shall is used in questions similar to the idea of let’s. In this case shall is used in a more formal way.
For example:

Shall we start the meeting? (Let’s start the meeting?)
Shall we go now? (let’s go now?)
Let’s go, shall we?

In formal documents shall is used in american English to express obligation, in this case it’s similar to Must.

Ex: All applicants shall provide the required documents.

Thanks a lot… :slight_smile: actually I understand it but confused to use it. now I’m sure. thank you so much… In my country they always talk in bad grammar. I’m scared to talk while I’m to excited to know more in this language.

It better to know it from someone who is native speaker. Now is clear for me too.
Thanks a lot