What is the difference between the words aim and goal?

Hello Torsten, I want to ask you. What is the difference between words aim and goal?
Thanks in advance.

Dear Olya. I don’t know exactly, I am not teacher. In my opinion, aim and goal mean same think. Dear Olya I guess, you have the gate, you have the ball . Goal is the ball in the gate. It is so easy to understand it. I’v heard that aim need plan. Frankly speaking, I can’t stand planning at all. I am sure life is a large theatre with his own comedians and images. We must only study.
I am sorry, I like you, only try to learn English. Perhaps, I made many mistakes, but I hope very much you will be able to understand me. :wink:
Now, I am going to play football.
cowboy :smiley:

Hi, cowboy! :smiley: Thank you :smiley:

Hi Olya, As Cowboy says - ‘goal’ and ‘aim’ are very similar words. The latter, however, can be a verb too whereas ‘goal’ is just a noun. Also, ‘goal’ is used in sports such as football - ‘to score a goal’.
In addition, you can use the word ‘goal’ to describe your purpose in life…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello Torsten, thank you.
Best wishes.