What is the difference between the future real conditional and conditional III?

I?d like some help in this exercise, please…

Test No. [color=blue]errors/inter-9 “Conditionals”, question 10

If I try very hard, I would have been able to stop smoking.

(a) If
(b) try
© to stop

Test No. [color=blue]errors/inter-9 “Conditionals”, answer 10

If I had tried very hard, I would have been able to stop smoking.

Correct entry: had tried
The error was: (b) try

You have [color=red]not found the error.
If I try very hard, I will be able to stop smoking.

I understand that the correct answer of the test is ok - 2nd cond struc
But my answer couldn?t be considered right too, 1st cond struc?
Thank you again…

Dear Learner,

You are right - you could say ‘If I try very hard I’ll be able to stop smoking’. This would be called ‘Future Real Conditional’ because it describes a real situation in the future.

As for the sentence in question (If I had tried very hard, I would have been able to stop smoking.) This could be called ‘Past Unreal Conditional’ as it describes a situation in the past which you can’t change anymore, so it’s something ‘unreal’.

Now, the test you are referring to is an ‘Error in Sentences’ test and the second part in that particular sentence is given as correct so you can change ‘try’ into ‘had tried’ and the sentence is correct.
Please, let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello Learner and Torsten,
I haven’t noticed it until Learner pointed it out. Yes, I agree with Learner. The answer © shoul be correct answer too. Although Torsten said that the second part in that paticular sentence is given as correct, I couldn’t see it. What am I missing?

Hey Bob, the test in question here is not an ‘Incomplete Sentence’ test, so those three given parts are not answer options but underlined parts in the sentence and you have to pick the one which is incorrect whereas in the multiple choice (Incomplete Sentences) tests you have to pick the correct part.
The task with the Error in Sentences tests is to find the INCORRECT part and amend it. With the Incomplete Sentences and Expressions tests you have to find the CORRECT answer.

Please, take a look here:

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Hi Torsten,

I think Learner said that he thought that b would have been[/b] was the incorrect part of the sentence. And he amended it to will be. Is it right, Learner? What am I missing? Is his answer wrong, Torsten?

Ah, now I see what you mean. Yes, of course you are right - you can leave the first part ‘If I try very hard’ and add ‘I’ll be able to stop smoking.’ That’s an interesting point. We have now underlined different parts in the sentence to avoid this ambiguity. Please let me know what you think now.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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WOW!!! I?ve missed a good conversation here!!

Bob, you could understand my point! That was exactly what I?ve done, this is why I didn?t understand my answer was “wrong”…

Thank you very much Bob and Torsten…

Great! This is the moment when I feel happy because I was able to communicate with others. Without using English, I could not have done it.


what is the answer

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