What is the difference between POWER and ENERGY

When we talk about electricity. We would say electric power.
But when we should use energy? electric energy??

What about water supply? petro? Are they all defined as energy or power??

I appreciate someone could give me some instructions.

“Power” and “energy” are almost synonymous.

Strictly speaking power is an abstract term meaning authority: “the power of government to rule”, “people power”, “police powers”. It can also mean “strength”

Energy is a more precise, scientific term.
An athelete needs energy to run a race but not power.
He digests food to extract energy which is converted into strength in his legs.

Electical power, steam power, wind power, are different types of energy, and in these cases the correct term would be “energy”, though “power” is acceptable in popular usage.

In an automobile the potenial energy in the petrol is converted into power to accelerate.
“Power” is the strength to do something extracted from “Energy”.