What is the best?


I wanted to ask what is the best way to learn English. I know that the variuos ways of learning help, but what is really good , for exmaple: is it good for fluent speaking to read text and later to try retell them? :roll: Or better to read books in English (p.s. i like doing it) .Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Rasa,

If you want to learn a second language you have to do the same activities you did when you learned your mother tongue: For a certain period of time you absorbed the language. You heard other people speak your mother tongue every day and your subconscious mind recorded all the information, that means all the possible language patterns and then you started to imitate those people around you. Why can you speak your mother tongue fluently? Because you have a sufficient amount of words, phrases and sentences stored in your brain. Now, in order to learn English or any other language you have to feed your mind with many words, phrases and sentences in that language. You need a lot of input before you can produce any output. So, when you start learning a language the most important activities for you should be reading and listening. You should make sentences yourself only if you are sure that you know how to build sentences correctly. In answer to your question What is the best way to learn English I would say: Listen to authentic English audio materials every single day and read authentic English texts every day. After a while you will realize that you have correct English phrases and sentences in your head and then you can start to communicate with other people.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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