What is "stay hungry, stay foolish"?

Hi all,

I’ve read this idiom (?) “stay hungry, stay foolish” which is spoken by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer but I can not figure out what it stands for? Appreciate if there is any advice…

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I would suggest that it means if you want to stay hungry (without money), then you should continue to remain foolish (not live wisely and try new opportunities) Developing that thought further, you could say: Don’t waste your time in doing stupid things or you will end up with no money or food.


Hi Alan,

Thanks for your quick response. I would agree with your suggestion! :slight_smile:

Just done some searches after posting this question. There are a couple of ideas around the world…

  1. “Stay hungry” = hungry for knowledge, stay curious
  2. “Stay foolish” = much like a child, innocent, naive
    It mean what is literally said. Stay hungry - is stay hungry and stay foolish -is stay foolish.

In the speach steve job mention how he was eating less during his youth, and how he dropout of college. Hungry and foolish, but that what make him a better person.

When you are hungry you have nothing to be afraid of, when you are foolish you take risk. and etc…

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