What is different

please, help me if somebodies know

What is different between :

  1. Way and road
  2. Finish and end
  3. Start and begin
  4. Leg and foot
  5. sound and voice
  6. Look and see


Way and road

  1. way (ROUTE)
    1 a route, direction or path:
    Do you know the way to the train station?
    I’ve only been living in Madrid for a couple of weeks so I don’t really know my way around it yet.
    We’ll have to stop for fuel on the way to the airport.
    Can you find your own way out of the building?

Road : a long hard surface built for vehicles to travel along;

We live on a busy quiet road.

Finish and end
Finish : to complete or to come to the end of something.

End: a point beyond which nothing is there.
put a stop to something.
end the project; end of the project.

Start and begin
start: to begin doing something
begin: to start to do
Leg and foot
leg : body part; vertical; used to stand on or walk.

foot : body part; the end of the leg; a flat thing; used to stand or walk; Go on foot—to walk.

Sound and Voice
Sound: something that you hear or can be heard

E.g.: She stood completely still, not making a sound.
Voice: the sounds that are made;
E.g.: a low-pitched/high-pitched voice

Look and see

Look: (v) to direct your eyes. Look! How beautiful this is!
N: Take a good look at this house.
V: search: I am looking for my keys.
See: (V) to become aware of using eyes; e.g.: turn the light on so I can see.
understand: He can’t see the difference.
to consider; to evaluate;
E.g.: As I see it, we may not finish by this month.