What is a stint?

Hello, what situations does this phrase refer to:
to do a stint
Is it used in the world of entertainment only or also in business? Thank you in advance.

You can use it for a period of defined activity in any field. It is informal and offhand, so I doubt that someone would say that she did a stint as CEO of Megabucks, Inc.

I did a stint in the army.
I did a stint as a convenience store clerk.

(A stint is also a small shorebird, by the way.)

Hi Andreana,

Apart from its universal use in defining a certain period of activity, stint also has an added flavour. It is used to describe something that you’ve experienced in the sense of having done it and come out the other end. When people talk for example of having worked overtime in the evenings in order to earn extra money, someone could join in and say: I’ve done my stint too of overtime. It’s as if you want to share your experience with someone else about a time that wasn’t all that pleasant. People my age listening to young couples talking about being woken up by their young baby, say looking back: Yes, I’ve had my stint of disturbed nights. In can also be used as a verb meaning be frugal/mean and is often used negatively: Don’t stint on expense - spend as much as you like.