What is a food people must eat if one day they visit your country?

Hey friends:
I am from china so if one day you visit here i firmly recommend you have a try to have a “Beijing roast duck” in the restaurant called “Quan Ju De” in Beijing. what about your country? Which food can be the symbol of your country’s food?And where can i get the best one?

One of the things people should try in my country is a REAL hamburger. Many people from abroad only know McDonald’s hamburgers, and those are not real hamburgers. In fact, it’s not even certain that they’re real food. Some foreigners act surprised and pleased when they have their first well-prepared hamburger.

We also have a special pizza in a very deep dish that originates in Chicago. I don’t think those pizzas are common in other countries.

What people should eat depends on what part of my country they go to. I think Louisiana Cajun dishes are good to try. There are a lot of special foods in New York, but I have heard that these delicacies that are greatly loved by Americans are ordinary foods commonly eaten in Russian prison camps.

Of course, there are a lot of special foods that are improvised here and don’t have any particular names, but they’re wonderful.

There are also some very good wines made in the US. People know California wines, but excellent wines are made in northern Michigan and in other states.

Whenever I’m back in my country, Malaysia I seldom eat out mainly because I love my mom’s cooking. So I cannot recommend much, plus I am in the transition to be a vegetarian,(a gross experience that I rather not tell started all this).

But, if you ever come to Malaysia, try the “Teh tarik” or as the English speaking people call it, “Pulled tea”.

Sweet and creamy.

OK, I want to recommend the delicious “Stink Tofu” if you visit Taiwan someday, hehe it’s tremendously tasty!

Nina, you look as if you were from Japan! (I thought…)

Nina, how about ‘Rojak’? A couple from Malaysia had me try it. It’s a simple-to-make but very delicious food.

Right, I tasted it once. Really yummy! In a few Chinese films, some people just till their nose away when they smell ‘the stinkin tofu’. God, when it goes into your mouth and you taste it, you can’t believe it. :smiley:

Aleaf, I’ve tasted it somewhere but not in China. However, I want to find out whether it will taste different. :smiley: How about roast piglet? :smiley:

We eat “fragr ant pi” in chinese “Xiang Zhu” -a kind of mini pig which can’t grow up forever. Yeah it is very delicious.But maybe piglet is also very tasty.

Yeah i have tried stink Tofu of Taiwan and I like it very much. Here we have a restaurant run by a Taiwanese in which you can taste a hot pot with Taiwan stink Tofu.Sounds weird but tastes nice.

By the way I should say there are some very famous restaurants which have hundreds of years’ history . So whenever people want to eat a certain dish they go there to taste the best one they think. I know there are numerous chinese restaurants all over the world, but I must say some of my colleagues told me that it was very difficult to get authentical ones from many of those restaurants.

Personally I love it but only the one prepared by my mother, not at the stalls. Yes, it is very simple, basically just raw fruits and vegetables mixed with crushed shrimps head sauce. :smiley:

Too late, I’m afraid. I have it in my refrigerator. I used it last time when I prepared my own gyouza dip. I mushed it up with soy sauce. It smells, but being a Malay I am used to smelly food. :smiley:

Do you know natto(Japanese food)? Japanese people always ask me whether I am bothered by the smell. But seriously the Malays have smellier food.

Of course I know NATTO, it’s good for health.