What if Angela wins?

I’ve got a serious questions, what if Angela wins.
Cuz she will win.

  1. The EU
  2. Middle East
  3. Far East
  4. China
  5. ?

Trouble is fascist’s as much as I hate them will rise and there will be blood unless Mackeral starts getting rid of mostly illiterate, African migrant chancers and making homes for women and children who can return when their countries are safe. It will end in bloodshed, people will see the far right wing speak for them where their government ignores them. All the blood will be on Mackerals hands. The far right is rising all across Europe and sadly innocent, true refugees will be caught up in it.

Mackeral is an Evil Witch whose face is more like a Satanic Demon from Hell than any


If she wins a big prize or a bowl of fruit it won’t change the above.

Merkel will win again and everything stays pretty much the same. The German economy will continue to grow slightly so the majority of all Germans are happy.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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And what do you base that “Assertion” on other than studying the Tea Leaves in the bottom of your Cup Torsten. One thing you should have learnt from Brexit and Trump being elected is… You can’t trust the media because they lie and intentionally dis-inform.(not just misinform)

The Media is trying its best to promote Mackeral and make it look like she will win. But don’t be fooled by the media and take the word of Belfast Jamie when I tell you she will lose. She is soiled goods and like Hillary Clinton Mackeral is a walking advertisement for the movie “The Living Dead.” with the Charisma of a soiled diaper.

If the election was next week she would lose. But all the negative stories surrounding the Mass Immigration will feed out like a flower by word of mouth all round Germany before the real election creating more & more stigma that will make her election impossible.

There was of course a rather strangely worded poll published recently by the Bild which asked people if they would like her to stand again. 55% said they would like her to stand again. But most N Ireland people can see straight through such crap.

I mean of course there was another question “Would you vote for her again”? but we’re not allowed to see the result of that one as it wasn’t published. :slight_smile:

The point is as you have probably guessed most Anti Mackeral voters would like her to stand again because they know her party has more chance of losing if she stands, yet it is spun as if it is somehow indicative of Mackeral’s popularity when the opposite is true.

But then they never taught you that in Engelsdorf did they so it took a Belfast/EX-DDR KGB-Leipzig Irish Man with two passports to explain it to ya! :slight_smile:

Maybe you can explain with some logic/evidence why you think she is going to win?

Don’t believe the Media its Germany’s enemy.

The German economy is in an excellent state and unemployment is down. Every single Weihnachtsmarkt ist packed with happy people many of whom attend such an event for the first time in their life and they enjoy it greatly. No signs of masses of illegal immigrants who want to rob and rape us. Sorry Jam, you need to try harder.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Please respond directly to what I write Torsten not with stuff you just want to say.

Its what is informally known as a conversation. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to talk a person who isn’t able to distinguish between “its” and “it’s”. And I respond the way I want. If you want somebody to talk to the way you like, you should talk to yourself.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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You have such a wonderful way of drawing attention to your own mistakes Torsten. :slight_smile:

At least I can distinguish between German and English :slight_smile: Why not just Christmas


You’re the only one I see talking to himself around here?? :slight_smile: