What happened with my favourite thread?... :(


Can anybody explain me the reason why my ‘home’ and favourite thread has been splitted and renamed by such a strange way:

english-test.net/forum/ftopic11852.html (deleted)

:frowning: :frowning:

Hi Torsten!

Like Tamara I?m confused about replacement of her home and favourite topic since I liked talking there, too. To be honest, what I liked there was the personal atmosphere and Tamara didn?t defend anybodies intervening. Now I dread that this wonderful talk will get lost in the rush topic of vocabulary and grammar.

A suggestion to everybodies satisfaction: Would it be possible to create a forum in which such spacious threads and personal talks can exist? Might be that such topics make newcomers doubting in their own abilities since it is hardly possible to follow the complete thread but it isn?t neccessary to lose it!!! :x


Hi Tamara and Michael,

As you say, Tamara’s thread has been split which means it is still alive and active.
I actually wanted to move only the last part of the thread into the Vocabulary section as Alan suggested but the system didn’t work the way I wanted. Let me talk to Slava and I’m sure he can move the entire thread back where it was (including the original title).[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

I understand.

But… generally - about the moderation technique, you use…

To my opinion, if moderators consider that some posts in the thread are valuable for other members, they could just have copied those interesting parts, without splitting (=destroying) the initial thread and cutting straight on alive conversation.
Just let it be as is.

By the way, is there any forum’s rule for 'long thread? I’d like to read…


P.S. I’d never have written most of those posts I wrote in the thread, if it had been in “English Vocabulary, Grammar and Idioms”.
The posts were not intended for ‘official’ EVGI; they were written for the people with whom I was communicating personally and just for enjoyment…
Then and there.

Hi …

Where’s Tamara’s thread ?

Are there any programmatic wrongs ?or something else ?

where is Slava ?

I hope that you can restore it soon .


Hello Hercules,

I’m in this picture, can you find me :-)?

Seriously, I work on our site every day and I promise I will take care of Tamara’s favourite discussion too.

Thanks for your patience,

Hi Tamara and Herc, it’s me again. You can check Tamara’s favourite thread here again:

Best regards,

Thank you, Mister Gromov :slight_smile:

Спасибо, Slava.

Hi Slava

You are a good programmer.
Thank you …Mister Gromov :shock: :smiley: :lol:


Many Thanks Tamara and Hercules!

Sincerely yours