"What goes around comes around"


Could you please shed some light on the given saying? When is it really used? Does it mean that whatever happens around you[size=200][color=red],[/size] has its effect/ impact on you?

“What goes around comes around”


P.S. Does it red comma seem OK? Please answer.

Hi, Tom
Look at this link:
usingenglish.com/forum/engli … round.html

Many thanks, Pamela.

But why go to the other forum to seek an answer? ( I DO NOT MEAN ANY DISRESPECT AT ALL),

Let’s hear it from one of our moderators.


P.S. My comma questions still persists.

Hi, Tom. Recently I’ve met this expression there due to the google search that’s why I gave you the link. I’m fond of idioms and read about them everywhere. :wink:

It’s Ok :wink:

Hi Tom

Let’s get the comma question out of the way first, shall we?

[color=red]NO Comma. :smiley:

“What goes around comes around” means that you can expect to be treated by others in the same manner that you have treated them. It almost always refers to bad treatment.

Check out this Wikipedia link. It has a humongous list of idioms. :smiley:
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_id … h_language