What famous place would you like to visit?

There are many famous places of interest in the world. One of them is Pamukkale, in Turkey, its translation from Turkish means “Cotton Castle”. I had a chance to visit this place last summer. But because of lack of time, I couldn’t visit some historical places around it. I would like to visit Pamukkale again in order to see the old theatre and ancient pool that I couldn’t visit last time. At the same time my trip to Pamukkale was a part of the honey moon. That is why this place can remind me many sweet memories.
I was very sad when the tourist bus was leaving Pamukkale last year. It’s because that I couldn’t visit some historical places there. One of them is the old theatre similar to ones in Rome and reminds the gladiators’ fights. The ancient pool is also very special. People say that Seizer had built it for Cleopatra. There are huge rocks in the pool where people sit today and the pool is filled with mineral waters.
Trip to the Cotton Castle was a part of our journey to Turkey. During the honey moon we have been to several places with my husband, but Pamukkale was the most interesting place we visited. It took us six hours from the host city to there and along the way we had a chance to see several cities and took pictures. Now we have different photos taken at very special places, like historical gates which are the entrance to Pamukkale, the Castle itself and the theatre.
Today, looking at my photos taken during the honeymoon, I wish I can visit the Pamukkale again. It keeps sweet memories of our marriage. At the same time, every time I look at the photos I upset, because we didn’t have enough time to visit the historical places around. I’m sure we’ll take 3 days trip to the Cotton Castle the next time!

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Dear All and Kitos,

I can’t wait get your opinion regarding my essay. It’s because that that is my fist TOEFL essay.

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Dear Kitos,

Thank you very much for taking time to check my essay. I also attach a photo of Pamukkale that I took last year for You!

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Wonderful Phoebe. Thanks.