What does your pay stub look like?

I have just had to translate a French pay stub, and it almost made my eyes pop out.

In the US, a pay stub is a relatively small slip of paper. It mainly tells your gross income and all the taxes and dues that have been deducted. The most deductions a typical US check stub will show is these:

Social security tax
Medicare tax
Federal income tax
State income tax
Local income tax
Union dues
Most people don’t belong to unions, and many people don’t have to pay city taxes. In the end, the average person goes home with 3/4 of his gross pay.

This French stub is on a sheet the size of a normal business letter. I believe I’ve counted more than 25 different types of taxes, and the person got only a little over half his gross pay in the end.

What do these stubs look like in your countries?

In Hungary the more you make the bigger part of your money they take.
I have a bit more than an average salary, so they divide it for about 3 equal parts, and take a bit more than one of them.
The problem is not this, though.
If the government took even 50% of our money, it still wouldn’t be that much as your 25%.
I wouldn’t mind if they took a lot more, just leave me enough to buy stuff ,please.