What does your homescreenn look like?


Who is ready to share their phone’s homescreen? Which apps and tools do you use most frequently and how many apps have installed in total? Here is mine.


Sir Torsten,
Your screen says that you are one of the V VIPs. Please, Could I borrow your screen, sir?


Mona, how about you share your screen with us?


Actually, my phone is very primitive. It is not a smartphone. Its screen has only the clock and the date which are enough for me. I 'm a very old woman and I’m from the past. I do not know how to use recent and new smartphones, and I can not learn about it now, because of my very weak memory. My grandson dropped it on the floor, one year ago. He has not the time for repairing it until now. So, I have no phone now.


Here is mine. I must admit I have never organized or rearranged my screens. Does it automatically put the most used apps on the first screen?


So you have an iPhone and a Verizon plan. Yes, your iPhone should put those apps you use most frequently on your homescreen automatically.


iPhone doesn’t do it, and I think it’s not helpful) People usually remember the exact place on the screen of each app. When apps migrate it is irritating :triumph:

I won’t post my screenshot, cos I have 5 screens of apps :see_no_evil: