What does 'which' here mean?


Here,there is one article I read. I have one question. Could you help me?

What does ‘which’ mean here? My answer is ‘architecture’. Am I right?

Thanks in advance.


Maggie :lol:

I think you are right that the writer meant it to go with “architecture” in this case. The “which”, however, should support “heterogeneous applications”. It is one of the grammar rules this writer didn’t follow…Technical writers often try to squeeze too much into a sentence, making it unclear. This is one of the cases.

Hi Maggie,

In the passage you have quoted you’ll see that there is a comma before the relative pronoun ‘which’ and thereby indicates that this is a non-defining relative pronoun or doesn’t refer directly to the previous word. My feeling is that the ‘which’ in your sentence:

refers to the whole idea of what this type of architecture achieves.