What does this sentence mean: 'He would have done that'

Hello All,

Could you tell me if I say “He would have done that” what exactly does it mean?
Does it mean that "he just start to do that before something happens and that make him stop to do it.


We need more context, Farheen.

He would have done that = he is the sort of person to do such a thing.

He would have done that = He would have done something different.

He would have done that = He must have been the person who did it.

Can you give us more of the text?

Yes I can provide you the context. Actually I parked the car on the non-parking area by mistake and policeman just arrived to book my car for fine but I have just arrived before he booked it. Policeman has gone then. So, I said to the man that come with me that He could booked my car then the man said: He would have done that. So in this context what this sentence mean?

It means, yes, he would indeed have done that– the policeman would have given you a parking ticket if you had not arrived in time-- and your friend is confirming that fact.

You said the policeman could have given you a ticket, and your friend more strongly stated that he would have given you a ticket.

This is actually the conditional of past non-fact: If I had been King, I would have been rich (but I’m not King).

Is that clear, Farheen?

yes thank you very much indeed.