What does the word 'reemerge' mean?

Hi Toresten,
i hope ur fine and in good health,im taking now chemistry in kuwait univercity and theres word icant find the meaning of reemerged,i will be appericate if u explain this word and if i have mistakes in my writting i ill be more greafull
thank u
peace out

Hi College Girl,

You will probably agree that is much more important to learn how to do something yourself instead of having a person doing the work for you. So, what I’ll do is the following:
I’ll list all words you spelled in your own individual way. Please, try to check the spelling of these words and correct them yourself:

  • ur (is that good English?)
  • i (you know what's should be improved here)
  • im (actually, that's a German preposition)
  • univercity (interesting new word)
  • theres (here an apostrophe is missing)
  • icant (these are two separate words and an apostrophe is missing)
  • u (the personal pronoun you have in mind consists of three letters)
  • writting (one letter too many)
  • greatfull (please, check this word in Google)
As for the word [b]reemerged[/b] — it's a verb and it means «to appear again». For example: «Many previously known diseases have reemerged». or «The software has reemerged with a new look».

Please, let me know what you think and also if you can find the correct spelling of the words listed above.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,
thanks for youre advise ,am sorry if Im Too pushe i just want to learn and youre like my leader ,anyway about the words u ask me for check my spill in : ur(you are) i(I) unvercity(university) theres(there is) icant(I cant)
AM hoping this is the right spilling
peace out

Hi College Girl,

So, you know how to spell words correctly, now you should try to stick to the correct spelling (‘you’ instead of ‘u’, ‘I’ instead of ‘i’ ect.)
Of course we are here to guide and assist you so that you will become your own leader.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Re-emerge means to come out again. Eg. The dragon reemerged from the cave and terrorized the village.

You seem to confuse “you’re” with “your”
Perhaps this will help you get a better grasp of them.