What does the word 'abode' mean?

Be so kind tell me about usage word “abode”. What is it: home, house, settlement? I have doubts. To be more honesty I don’t know usage of this word.
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It’s another word for dwelling or residence. It can also be the simple past form of verb to abide meaning to obey or comply.

Neither the verb to abide nor the noun abode are much used in modern English, though you will still find the latter featuring in various official and legal documents or forms - such as place of abode, or of no fixed abode to refer to someone who is homeless, or is moving from temporary address to temporary address.
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I can not leave this topic without this quote:

“The Dude abides.”
———- The Big Lebowski (1998)

Interestingly, The Dude didn’t abide by the rules.

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Mirror the letters b and d - then abode becomes adobe, which is a type of abode.

Technically adobe is the building material, but the word is often used to refer to the building itself.

Abode can also be a verb meaning to dwell. The dictionary I checked says it’s archaic, but I’ve heard it multiple times in my life. So you could say:

He abode in the adobe abode.