what does "spa" mean?

for example; “most famous spa in the world”.
thank you in advance.

why doesn’t my signature appear in my posts?

my signature in my profile is “nothing comes for free.”

Then you need to change it anyway as it should be ‘Nothing comes free.’

‘for free’, though it is widely heard and used by native speakers, isn’t correct.
You can having something for nothing, or you can have something free.

Your signature doesn’t display because you have to make a certain number of posts first. When you have passed that number it should display.

thank you very much Beeesneees. can you say what that number is?

can you answer to my first question too?

spa : a place where water with minerals in it, which is considered to be good for your health, comes up naturally out of the ground. (oxford dictionary)

The signature is active after 100 posts.
Why some of my posts do not have my signature attached?
Why some of my posts do not have my signature attached (2)?

thank you both.

“Nothing comes free.” So does your signature:)

what do you mean Darker? what does " so does your signature" mean?

Sorry to make you confused.
As your signature goes, nothing comes free, so if you want your signature displayed, you have to do something(make no less than 100 posts).
I am just finding it interesting that your signature itself more or less explains why it is not displayed for the time being.

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SPA means “salut per aquam” ,in old Latin means health using the water like a treatment for ill people. Haven´t you gone one of them?.

Hi Darker. thank you, now i know what was your mean. this is time to act as you said and to post more massages to break that number!

Hi Bipins. thank you too. your post is really nice too.

Hello Miquele. your answer was very useful. Yes, I have tried one of them in Iran.

I will reach 100 posts if you; really good friends, help me.
thank you all again.

is my conditional sentence correct?

I would write:
friends, if you help me , I will be able to send 100 posts.

try to bring up new topics.
try to leave comments for other members’ topics, as much as you can.

That’s good advice from Porandokht, Dodge. Don’t just expect posts for not reason. Start interacting.

Your conditional sentence is grammatically correct, though the punctuation is incorrect. It also sounds a little sycophantic.

“I will reach 100 posts if you, friends, will help me,” is enough.