What does phrase "You've got to milk it!" means?

I couldn’t find anything related to this on the internet. Please answer with few examples. Thank you!

Probably a dumb slang/idiom used by the less educated crowd(EX: people like me)

It’s quite literal, how do you get milk from the cow?? you milk it of course.

Person A: how do you make money from the government?
Person B: You gotta milk it

Or an extremely rare case since milk commercials are on TV very often now.

Person A: I think I have osteoporosis
Person B: You gotta milk it.

Oh let me add that, this slang/idiom has nothing to do with progress, and speed. This idiom does not mean to tell someone to accomplish something at a slow pace. It’s just a really dumb idiom. I think I heard this a few times from my supervisor(that’s because he’s uneducated, and he ran away from home at an early age. He couldn’t think of what an educated person would say to inspire the workers like myself who works under him)

“milk it” means to take advantage of some situation; to get the most out of it for yourself.

Although the expression is informal, it is not “uneducated”.