What does moments of impact mean?


Could someone explain to me, what does moments of impact mean?

Thank you.

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It means points in time at which impacts occur. “impact” could refer to a physical collision, or may have some more figurative meaning, depending on context.


I understand what moment means, but impact? A little…


I’m sure you’ve looked up “impact” in the dictionary. To say anything more specific than dictionary definitions one would need to know more about the context.


“Life’s all about moments of impact and how they change our lives forever. But what if one day you could no longer remember any of them?”

Moments of impact isn’t a phrase?

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I would treat the “moments of impact” here as ‘turning points/crossroads’ in someone’s lives…

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Everyone, thank you,

And Euqene,

I also mean that…

Hello , but i am still confused! Does ( moment of impact ) means that moment when two people have a hug ? Or it means that moment when something Affects you ?



Hi Loay, welcome to our forum :slight_smile:

We use the word ‘impact’ to describe the event of two objects hitting each other. We don’t use the word ‘impact’ when talking about two people hugging each other.

Please let me know if this makes sense.


To add to what Torsten said, in the above example (from 2012, wow!) “impact” means something that had a strong effect on you, your life, or anything in general. Maybe your “moment of impact” was when you met the love of your life, or when you got the job you always wanted.

In short, it’s a moment that, when you look back upon it, you know your life has changed somehow after that.


Yes Loay, as you guess, it can be the moments when something affects you, whether positively or negatively.

@Torsten, in my view, hugging can have a figurative impact as in international diplomatic relations. One of the impacts of the current pandemic is avoidance of hugging each other.