What does “Let me kick off with a quickie. “ mean ?

What does “Let me kick off with a quickie. “ mean ?

‘Kick off’ = begin
‘Quickie’ = a quick something.

More context, please.

Is he at a restaurant?

Does it mean “Let me start with a light food”?


He is probably at a meeting and wants to begin with a point that can be dealt with very quickly.

I’m thinking of something more sinister, and extremely inappropriate.

Girl : Let me kick off with a quickie
Blue Ranger : No thank you, I’m not that kind of gentleman.

Well put, Blue Ranger!!! (Of course, some people would say to you and me: Get your mind out of the gutter!!! = Why are you two guys thinking of the naughty interpretation?) As Mr. M. so diplomatically put it: Context, please! (Of course, if the context IS naughty, then maybe it is better NOT to know the context!!!)


I’d like to know some contexts in which it is usually used.