What does it means: He was known about it?


Today, I was talking to my friend about yesterday’s meeting. In the meeting, Neha was a new member, and Surinder who was another member of the same meeting knew that she would be coming for the meeting.

To explain this to my friend, I told ," Surinder was known about it(Her arrival in the meeting) ."

Did I speak the above sentence correctly?

One of my friend was suggesting me that I should use :" Surinder knew about it." or “Surinder was knowing about it.”

Please let me know.

Surinder knew about it is right.

know is a static verb and you cannot say Surinder was knowing about it - this is wrong.

“Surinder was known about it,” is not correct, and it doesn’t actually make any sense. However, it’s typical of the verb tense problems of speakers of Gujarati, Bengali and similar languages. I don’t know if they superimpose English words on their own language’s grammar or what, but they arrive in the United States with enormous vocabularies and complete chaos in their grammar.

Alex has given you the correct forms.