What does "Instagram" mean?


Hello everyone!
I have joined this forum for long time but this is first time post a new topic in order that you can help me boosting your learning English process.
I want to say “hello” to everyone in this forum and I am delighted to get familiar with you, be a friend with you…

This time I want to ask you that what “Instagram” mean?

So I very apprecitate for your help, thanks in advance!

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There is no standard word ‘Instagram’ in English.

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I assume you know that Instagram is a photo-sharing program, but want to know where the name comes from. Although it is a made-up name, and not a real word in English, it suggests “insta-” from “instant” and “-gram” as in “telegram”, which, according to the founders at instagram.com/about/faq/ , is exactly how the name was coined.

“When we were kids we loved playing around with cameras. We loved how different types of old cameras marketed themselves as ‘instant’ - something we take for granted today. We also felt that the snapshots people were taking were kind of like telegrams in that they got sent over the wire to others - so we figured why not combine the two?”

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Please advise me a program that completely helps you to automate actions in Instagram? If there is no such a program, maybe there is online service? All who make their business in Instagram sometimes require auto comments posting for your Instagram profile. Wish I could understand how it may be done and how much it can cost? I will appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

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It sounds like you are already advertising one! Apparently it costs $0.00 !

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Exactly. The word Instagram is a portmanteau of “instant camera” and “telegram.” Other examples of portmanteaus are ‘cineplex’ for ‘cinema’ plus ‘complex’ and ‘edutainment’ for ‘education’ and ‘entertainment’. There are lots of portmanteaus in English.

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