What does "he is on my Johnson" mean?

I think this sentence has a bad meaning! if it is so, excuse me!

Hello, Dodgewiper:

Thank you (I think!) for teaching me a new word.

I did some googling, and I may have an answer for you. I have to be very careful in my explanation because this is a family friendly website!

I think that you probably heard this in a song by the rap artist Eminem. Am I right?

Well, you are correct: it has a “bad” meaning. Not really “bad” but something that we do not discuss – especially when there are young ladies

who can hear us. Basically, some young people in the United States use the word “johnson” to refer to a certain part of a man’s body. I

am sure that you can guess the answer. When you speak English, I suggest that you never use this word because (1) many people will not

understand you and (2) if they do understand you, they may become angry, especially if they are your teachers. I am guessing that you are

a young person. Am I right? (I am very old. Of course, I do not use that kind of language.) If you and your “homies” (good friends) want to

talk that way in private, I guess that it can be fun. But – remember – please use that kind of language ONLY with your friends. As I said, I

cannot discuss this too much. If you search on the Internet for the term “she is on my johnson,” you will find an explanation that I canNOT

give on this website.


I am not terribly familiar with this expression, but, like James said, I understand “Johnson” to refer to the obvious part of the male anatomy. However, I understood the overall meaning to be something like “he keeps finding fault with / interfering in what I’m doing”. I am not certain though.

Thank you James for your answer. you are right, I heard this in a song by Eminem. I completely got what It means, and I will not use it even when I am with my homies.
I dont know why Eminem loves using bad words in his lyrics, may be It’s necessary to keep the amazing rhythm of his songs :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind note.

Of course, this 75-year-old has no interest in Eminem’s “music,” but I imagine that if he did not use those words, many people would

not buy his music. He has to show his homies that he is one of them. If his lyrics were all “perfect” English, he would lose his fans – and

a lot of money! (P.S. I used the word “homies” just for fun. But – to be serious – don’t use this word with teachers, employers, etc. They

might think that you belong to a “gang.” Here in the United States, a “gang” is group of teenagers or twentysomethings who often engage in

VERY bad conduct.)


You’re welcome James. Useful notes for me. What does “P.S.” mean in your previous post?
I forgot to answer your question in your first post. Yes, I’m young (25 years old), I hope you will reach 100, energetic James :slight_smile:

it means postscript. more info you can refer here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postscript