what does "equally persuasive" mean?

Can you tell what “equally persuasive” means in this sentence ?
Television is like the equally-persuasive money, excellent servants but terrible masters.

Hi, Sung_Tung!

I’ll try my first shot. : op

I guess the author means that television exterts as much power over our minds as money. If the person learns how to use both of them to his/her own advantage (money and tv being his/her servants, in a metaphorical sense), both things are great - one can have a lot of fun watching TV and use the money to do a lot of good and useful things. But if the person is addicted to TV and money, to the point of being controlled by these two things, his/her life may become a nightmare.

In short: because both things are very powerful, we have to take care not to let them take control of our lives, but rather use them to our benefit.

It’s my first attempt at explaining a sentence in English!

I hope it helps, and that I’m not too much off the mark.

Sharap (Laura)

It is my former’s teacher sentence. I haven’t met him again so I can’t ask him why he used the word “equally-persuasive”. I wonder if I can use easier understood word (such as ‘powerful’) without changing the meaning. Thankx!

My best guess is yes, you might replace “equally-persuasive” with “as powerful as” without changing the meaning intended by your teacher.

At least I think so. : op

Thankx very much for ur consideration, Sharap.