what does "cook up" mean in this sentence?

I read an article today. Here is a sentence :
A fifty-something Minneapolis lawyer named John Hideraker sits down in his kitchen with a laptop and some simple software and cooks up a website.

i know cook up means

a.to concoct or contrive, often dishonestly. eg,She hastily cooked up an excuse.
b.to falsify.eg Someone had obviously cooked up the alibi.
[b]what does “cook up” mean in this sentence?

Thanks in advance for explaination.[/b]

to create amateurishly? (why dont you like “concoct”? it is the same as create in that context)

the bold words in a and b of my post above such as concoct ,contrive,falsify sound like negative words from the examples.

It is the reason that i can’t understand.

It seems that because the lawyer doesn’t specializes in computers, the phrase of cook up was used here to show he did it amateurishly.
am i right?[/b]