what do you think?

What do you think about Iraq and his nation, do you expect they are exllent people or in the middle level or just ingenuous, knowing only the drink and food?
2- why I write his nation not its nation?

I don’t understand your question. Are you asking our opinion on Iraq, or are you asking us to answer a grammar question?


Until Mohammad returns, I think the question is for grammar…

what do you think about Iraq?

I call Iraq people " the German of Arab"… the smart arabic Iraqi people have been absent for long time because of his bad known reasons…

Meanwhile the mad people have been attendant, the mad people of Wahabi who appeared because of KSA’s Oil, had given a bad idea of Arab, We call them Bedouin " uncivilized, "and Not Arab but A’arrab( who were living in deserts before)…except the east area of Saudi arabia which it has its civilization… So we hope Iraq people would get up and take his flag toward the construction.

Thank you very much for your idea about Iraqi nation.
I thank again from the heart.
1000000 of thanks.