What do you think of this blog?


If I would like to know the opinions of the people who have been surfed my blog, I probably should say ‘What do you think of this blog’? or ‘How do you think of this blog’ for this situation? I think the former is more correct,‘What do you think of this blog’,am I right?

One more question is that could I say ‘Strike actually has many meanings.’? I wonder if I use ‘strike’,I could use ‘has’ in this case?

Thanks in advance.

Maggie :oops:

“What do you think of this blog?” means, “What is your opinion of this blog?”

“How do you think of this blog?” means, “What intellectual method do you use when you think about this blog?”

I’m not sure I understand your second question.

Hi, Jamie

Thanks for your reply.

Also, my second question is written below.

Sometimes I would discuss English with some of my friends who are interested in English. So probably when I speak English to them, they don’t understand for one or two terms among our conversations. That time I would tell them the meanings of the terms. I’d like to give you an example to express the situation to let you know my exact meaning. For instance,strike. As I know,strike means hit,stop work,make an agreement etc. So I might say 'Strike has many meanings. It depends on the situation. The meaning of strike would be different if you use it in a different situation or sentence. Here I am simiply asking someone else that if this sentence is correct or not. I mean "Strike has many meanings. " As I know, I can say

John has many books.

Base on English grammar,John is kind of third person. I can use the auxiliary verb,‘has’. But I wonder if I can use ‘has’ for a word,such as ‘strike’.

Strike has many meanings,such as hit,stop work,make an agreement etc.

Hopefully, you have understood what my question is.

Maggie :smiley:

I understood it this time. “Strike has many meanings,” is the correct way to say it.