What do you think of the Hungarian revolution?

Hey Everyone,
You have probably heard of the things are going on in Hungary lately. (I mean these attacking the TV kind of things)
What I’d like to know is what do you guys get from the news, what’s your own media’s position in this subject?
What do you think it’s happening in my country?
Of course I know exactly what’s going on here, so let me tell you.
This guy, our prime minister is a politician, (therefore) he was telling some lies to get enough votes to get through the elections.
After the elections he called in his own crew and told them his thoughts about all the things they screwed up in the previous four years. He said the last years were worthless, he even acknowledged the fact that they were lying in order to keep their position.
He said he wanted to stop lying, and wanted to start the real work to pull the country out of this mess.
One of his friends had the whole speech on tape, and decided to release the tape to the masses.
Our prime minister wasn’t too popular anyway, thank to his latest efforts to bring back the country from the edge of the abyss (he made some radical decisions and our life much harder as well) therefore this little affair didn’t help him too much either. It’s only about timing. Everyone is pissed off about the new rules and in addition here comes the tape with his own words saying he’s been telling lies for years.
People want him to leave over this, others think he means business this time.
Those guys who were fighting the cops are mostly drunk soccer fans wanted to make some trouble, the most of them didn’t even know what should they do with the building after they took it over from the cops.
They set it on fire just in case, and drank up all the pops from the machine.
If this is a revolution should be about, it sounds fun to me, next time I’ll go with them. :slight_smile:
These guys fight each other for some lying bastards without realizing if there were some changes in the government it would never effect them personally.
So what have you heard?

Hi Spencer!

This morning I read an article on the first site of our daily newspaper about the happenings in your country. The only difference to what you reported is that the offenders are claimed to be Nazis.

Well, I must say: it seems your Prime Minister have made an important and also brave step into the democratic direction, although it had been behind the curtain and became public because inquisitiveness of some unknown(?) people. It must be waited and seen how the honesty of your politicians will develop and what success Ferenc Gyurcsany?s utterances will bring.

And if I?m allowed to add some thoughts about our German politics : It is the same in Germany. We are lied to since some ten years, too. And today the common people have to pay the bills for that. I mean, if even the Prime Minister of NRW, J?rgen R?ttgers, who is a recognized representative of the economic party (CDU), claims in a public speech that politics must more be made for a nations people and not only for economics or for politician?s advantage (he was speaking about German politics last week in Munster) you can figure out that something goes wrong here, too.


I had read in a Polish newspaper online exactly same story what you have mentioned ,exept a fact of the pop drinking
break in and soccer fans involvment ( not so much highlighted at least).
Nobody dare to write something personal because all understand ,how a delicate matter it is.

Poland had/has same sort of MP3 “espionage” affair.
Somebody had recorded on tape or digitally
the corruption proposition on the government level and in a year the postcommunist government together with the postcommunist president disappear “together” with a new election
(in that Polish case it was all about the postcomunist party).

You are always ahead of times Spencer , historically it is probably one of the most important events in modern democracy.The technology is just danger in hands of a simply man.It is an old story in the brand new “digital” light.

As ironic as it might seem, now that there have been demonstrations in Budapest, Hungary is getting some publicity and attention. I sometimes wonder why the media are always focusing on negative events and developments. It’s a very rare case that you hear a success story in the news. That’s why people watch soap operas and comedy shows more often than the news channels.

Up until the latest scandal nobody seemed to be interested in what was going on in Hungary. For example, who knew that they had planned to join the Euro currency in 2010? We usually are caught up in our daily routines that we don’t have much time and interest to talk about politics. I’m quite sure that in a few days the media will drop Hungary and move on to more spectacular dramas.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I wonder what will be happening if same case will be in Croatia.Beacuse our prime minister also is a liar,during elections he promises millions of things and NOTHING he was do of all that promises.Conclusion;if you want to win election,LIE LIE and LIE.More LIE more chance to win elections.

Hi Torsten!

Here is a news about success which was reported yesterday on TV:

The Siemens Germany AG in Berlin had achieved a good profit last year. So the managers were able to increase their salery of about 30%… They claim finally to raise up their salery to European standards only.

That sounds positive, doesn?t it?


Sounds sarcastic to me.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten!

I see, you know your pappenheimer! :wink:

Seriously, what I offered you was half of the truth, in fact. Actually the report I mentioned also reported that the same managers - who increased their salary - intent to fire 5000 collaborators from the manufactory in Berlin and export the work to other countries although they had made good profit in Berlin. :?

Well it wasn?t my intention to be sarcastic or to complain but what I wanted to show was that success of the ones, for me, always depends on disadvantage of some others and the opposite. And currently it seems that just few people can get some success and the majority have to pay the bills for that. And for me, as news is always made for the majority it?s logical that news mostly report about emergencies or miseries! :roll:

Sorry, I lost the trace for the moment but sitting in front of my monitor, today, every half hour a company calls and requires my application. For me that are good news, firstly. So I must leave this talk for the moment.

See you later

Hi Michael,

Great to hear you are getting so many job offers. Just make sure you aim for the best conditions when it comes to negotiating a contract.
Keep us posted on your job hunting activities so we have some good news to talk about :).[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten!

Thanks for your taking interest in my job hunting activities! Well, I want to give you some information about the current state of it.

The first call, I recieved yesterday, was from a company, which I sent my letter of application the day before yesterday and the chief invited my for an interview. Today morning I went to that company and had a two hours lasting talk with the chief. I must say that the talk at no time became boring and the chief offered me a rather interesting job and a good salary. The point was that he requires a one week lasting practical course at his company before both of us decide about a contract. Now, as I shared to my current employer that I?m looking for a more attractive job and agreed some special conditions (plural noun?) I called her recently after I returned home and agreed with her to work the next two weeks for her before I?ll take place in the practical course. Later I called the chief of the other company and agreed with him to start the course on 09. October ( this year, of course :wink: ) That?s the result of the first call yesterday.

The second call yesterday was from another time-job-agency I haven?t worked for before but whose chief I know (and she knows me) as she had worked in the personal department of a third time-job-agency I myself had worked for yet, too. She has got a request for a technician and immediately remeberred me (like she claimed) and required me to send her my certificates and CV. Since both are stored in PDF.- and Doc.files on my PC I?ve been able to mail her all ten minutes later. She ensured me to transmitt my documents the same day to her customer (client) and that she?ll share their decision to me via E-mail as soon as she gets a response. That?s about the second call.

The third call was from my current employer who intended to give me instructions about my next job for her company, a job as machinist at a big machine-factory, pretty clean and low noise.

Well, each of the three jobs are pretty interesting. The first and the second are technician-jobs and the current one is that of a machinist but might have good opportunities (perhaps just opportunities? :? ). I think, the most worse (but not rather worse) that might happen to me is to remain at my current employer.

Would like to know your opinion


Hi Michael,

It’s very good that you have options you can choose from. Employers obviously can benefit from your experiences, your skill set and your personality, that’s why they are trying to hire you. Now, you might want to come up with some criteria that are important to you in the decision making process. Those could be salary, promotion potential, fringe benefits, training and education services, working hours, location etc.

You can create a table and fill in the information for each job/company. I reckon you will get more job offers within the next few months and this profile sheet can help you keep track your job hunting results.
Also, maybe you can work out an agreement that allows you to work for several companies at the same time.

Let me know what you think.
PS: I think you have been able to improve your written English significantly over the past few months. Just check these words:

recieve vs. receive
chief vs. boss/manager
practical course vs. work placement
agree vs. agree on[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

I think I can feel lucky to be employed. Particularly in the current situation of the job-market. And one pretty huge advantage I have is to be able to offer several professional opportunities to the employers.

Thank you Torsten for that positive appreciation of my skills and I hope, at least one employer will evaluate my proficiency the same way. :wink: In fact, there are lots of aspects that decide an employment. I?m excited to experience what will happen the next weeks.

I think it?s a big field of interesting questions. Some criteria I consider before I apply, as there are: location, kind of work, kind of products, required skills and so on… I mean, it?s important to think through whether you?re ready to drive (travel) about 70 to 100 kilometers one way and every day. It?s also important to compare your skills to the requirements of the job as many companies prefer to employ staff who has similar experiences to the special area of their product or services. Just few ( mostly companies with very, very specific products ) are ready to train you on the job. So when you apply without a serious intention of getting the job they rather quick figure that out and get angry. That means, if a company invites you for an interview and figure out just one point at which you break shortly they feel unpleasant and don?t hire you. A short example: Some weeks ago I had had an interview and everything went pretty fine. I mean my skills were due to their requests and so on… But rather before it came to an agreement they requested me to change my residence although that wasn?t neccessary in my opinion and I broke shortly. Well, recently after that the interview was finished. A few days later I just still heard that the company decided not to employ me, despite all other points had satisfied them. Or do you think that they possibly had figured out some controversial points previously yet and didn?t know how to explain their refusal? :?
Well, on the other hand, when a personal department of a company or the boss of a company decides to employ a person they always know or have a rather special imagination of the salary they offer to the applicant and you yourself just have the opportunity to agree or disagree on their offering. Another example: the boss of the company, I?ll take place in a practical-course in two weeks from now, asked my about my salary request and I gave him an amount while we were talking the first time on the phone. While we were having the interview he offered me a much higher salary after a year. Do you think that he holds his promise, provided that it comes to a work-contract?
Now, in that sense I have a criteria-list in my mind about min conditions I can accept. Also important for me is to get a job that is limited in time at a company that mostly probable exists still when I?ll retire. But that?s live, you?ll never be sure. So, I think, that it is very important to be flexible.

Working for several companies at the same time is possible if you are selfemployed only. I thought about that sometimes yet. Just, currently, it?s not the right time to found a selfemployment or company, at least in my opinion.

Thank you for your advice about that issues. Some of my mistakes you advised me yet and I?ll take it to my heart.