What do you think of "pet blessing"?

For those of you who might be interested in traditions, today is St. Antony the Hermit or the Abbot, patron saint of pets, among other things (not to be mistaken for the more famous St. Anthony of Padua).

On January 17th, an extraordinary pilgrimage goes on all day in Madrid (the official hours are from 9 to 5), where pet owners can take their companion animals on an extremely unusual outing to… a church! (San Ant?n). There, a traditional blessing is given to their darling non-human friends (from humble pigs and donkeys to the fanciest species), all done up for the occasion and somewhat non-plussed, though delighted with all the extra attention lavished on them. As far as I know it’s the only time animals can enter a church here.

If you compare this idyllic or at least comical and inoffensive custom with the wicked, savage and what-are-they-waiting-for-to-officially-condemn-it bullfighting (but that’s another horny, I mean, thorny issue), you are faced with yet another absurdity of life, aren’t you?