What do you think of males giving birth?

A piece of striking news was on newspaper headlines recently - a man gave birth to a baby girl. news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7488894.stm

What do people think about that? Is this good that people are given this chance of changing their sex and still giving birth? Do you think this is going to be wide spread after this particular case?

Thanks for posting your thoughts!


It’s not possible to change someone’s sex. You can give a person artificial genitals and pump the person full of hormones, but the person still remains a man or a woman, as a chromosomal examination will show.

The person in the article who was giving birth was not a man. It was a surgically altered woman.

Yes, I understand your point, but still he is considered a man by everybody after the surgery.

By the way, his wife also once was a man but now he is a woman.

You did not say whether you like this kind of new change in humankind or not. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter what someone is considered. It matters what they are.

Most people who’ve had “sex change” operations are not considered by other people to be whatever their intended gender is, because people can sense something abnormal just from watching them, and they think of them as simple distortions of their real gender.

Somehow that term reminds me of people who post under a variety of names on forums – posing as both men and women. :?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

That man was a woman. I think no real man will ever do this voluntarily. Manly ego is one thing, enduring the pain is another.

Let men suffer for a change. :lol:

It depends what change you are talking about… :slight_smile:

The change from women having to suffer.

I think that man just likes swilling beer to excess, that’s all
Look at his paunch - it’s a beer-paunch
And ain’t nobody convince me of the opposite :slight_smile:

I think nobody should change what is god’s creation. That’s why god created man and woman, each one with his/her own characteristics and both are supposed to complete each other.

Turned out I was wrong. There are men out there who want to experience pregnancies.

But so far delivery has to be Caesarean.

My mother told me the pain during delivery is indescribable. She says the pain is not the same as any other pain, it is magical, because the moment the baby is out, the pain is gone, and you forget it. Don’t get me wrong, she remembers how painful it was, only what kind of pain is lost from the memory.

But of course, other women might have different stories to tell.

So, so far only woman can experience this.

However, once a guy told me that he can feel the growth of an unborn child of his on his chest.

I think it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard.

that why women and man still have the difference, and they play different role. women is so greatful.

Well heck, if a guy wanted to give “birth”, he could cut open his abdomen… insert a large freezer bag (open-ended of course)… put an infant in that freezer bag… close the abdominal incision… make a deep incision somewhere in the lower GI tract… and squeeze the surely-bawling infant out.

And if he’s still alive after all that blood loss, he can tell us how horrible it was.

wait, never mind, let’s just leave it to women!

Didn’t the apes come before us? Did God create them first, and if so, why?