What do you think of lolspeak?

Hi all,

about eight or nine years ago, a new craze hit the Internet: lolcats. In case you never heard of lolcats, they are photos of cats in funny and not so funny situations, usually with subtitles that are supposed to amuse you. However, they are not using regular English but “lolspeak”. Looking at lolcats, you will get to read sentences like:

I iz a sir!
I r not surprized… U haz no girlfriend.
Ah tink ah smells me a cheezburger.
Im in u-r drawer, heatin u-r undiez.
Oh hai. I can haz mercy?
Im in u-r computer, makin u-r graphix.
Yesh, mom, I haz floaties.

What are your thoughts on lolspeak?