What do you think of Dilbert?

Hi, before you start talking about copy right issues - the following cartoons are created by Scott Adams and I do want to give him full credit for that. Still, I’d like to discuss some of the phrases he uses in his Dilbert cartoons. For example, what is so funny about this one?

I mean, why is the new member Flashy suddenly burning so hot? And why is the boss putting him in the cubicle by the thermostat? Is it in order to keep heating costs down?

And here is another one:

Why is Flashy’s co-worker so cold and Flashy so hot?

Very interesting question. As for me, I see nothing funny :lol:
On of my ideas about putting Flashy (interesting name, BTW) in the cubicle by the thermostat is: if Flashy’s body is capable of random changings of its temperature, he may cause a fire and the thermostat can be used to detect such overheating and cool him down/extinguish the fire with water. But why Flashy’s temperature changes so unpredictably? I don’t know, it’s a mystery for me

If we accept that Flashy body’s temperature can vary in an unpredictable manner, then it seems that “now” is the period when he’s burning with “inner fire” :slight_smile: although it might be really cold outside.

Of course, in the pics it is exaggerated, but there are people who better endure low temperatures than high. For most people, for example, my swimming in sea in winter seems so strange and weird that they look at me as if I were crazy! :slight_smile:

Ok, this may seem a bit strange, but here’s why this is supposed to be funny.

At older ages, women go through menopause, one side effect if which is “hot flashes,” where the woman feels very hot for no external reason, and then back to a normal temperature for a period of time. I’m told by women that have gone through menopause that’s it’s really annoying.

Anyhow, calling this “older” woman Flashy is meant as a funny play on words. Putting her near the thermostat is the joke, as the implication is that when she’s hot, she’ll turn it down, and when she’s cold, she’ll turn it up, driving everyone at the office crazy.

A little obscure, I admit! :smiley:

I agree with Comenius that Flashy, poor her, seems to be experiencing one of the symptoms of menopause – also called ‘the change (of life)’. I liked the comic strips, Spearhead, though it’s a somewhat strange sense of humour.

Sidle Jinks, do you really like swimming in freezing water or is it more a discipline or health affair. I’ve always wanted to know what drives people to inflict upon themselves what, to me, looks more like a punishment.

Sorry, forgot to log in… The post above was mine :wink:

That has reassured me no end, Sidle Jinks!

I can now begin to understand why people should want to do this kind of things in the first place. Still I can’t picture myself trying to do that: the mere idea just throws cold water on it…

All the same, I wish you many happy cold baths!