What do you think Alexis says in this clip?

@Arinker, here’s the clip, enjoy it!

Does she say: ‘I’d never thought that I would be the one to defend Krystle’s memory.’ Or is it ‘I never thought.’

I hear this a lot: I had never thought - do you see now why I can’t enjoy watching full episodes of ‘Dynasty’ or a film? I still keep wondering: ‘Did she say this right?’

By the way what do you say about: ‘I had never thought you would be capable of doing something so evil like that.’
Is this correct? Or would you say ‘I had never thought that…’ is more common in BrE?

Thank you in advance.


Pretty sure she says “I never thought”. That’s the normal way to say it in AmE.


Yes, I know. But she is British and her character on the show was also British. Thanks, however for your answer. Yet, many translations would be possible in Dutch/ Flemish:

  • Ik had nooit gedacht dat ik degene zo zou zijn die Krystle’s nagedachtenis zou verdedidgd hebbben.

  • Ik zou nooit gedacht hebben dat ik degene zou zijn die Krystle’s nagedachtenis zou verdedigd hebben.
    I’d like to make an audio of these translations but unfortunately my microphone isn’t working properly.


Well, she’d likely say whatever the writers told her to say. I don’t know how much leeway actors have with that sort of thing.

I listened a few times and I’m pretty sure she says “I never thought”.


I, too, hear “I never thought…”.
Actually, her pronunciation sounds very precise to me. I had expected I’d hear a vanishingly small “ ‘d “ sound, maybe making it part of the “n” in “never”, I would probably at least do a mental “ ‘d “ sound [my term] - something less than a real “ ‘d “ sound.


Her accent doesn’t sound British to me. It almost sounds affected, like it’s a totally made up accent.