what do you think about private companies pay for and carry out most on scientifi

Topic: In today’s world, it is private companies rather than government who pay for and carry out most on scientific research. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

In some developed countries, private own companies are the main role of paying for and carrying out on scientific research, so do other countries start to emulate this practice. In my opinion, the advantages of private companies getting involved in scientific research outweigh the disadvantages in some extend.
On the one hand, privatization meant the production material would turn into private ownership and possession, which means the fortune, would only belong to a few of people. In this way, the income discrepancy between the rich and the poor would become much greater. Everyone is equal in the free market environment; however, in this case, there would be some inevitable class conflict appears.

On the other hand, scientific research privatization has a number of advantages we could not ignore. Firstly, privatization would reduce the using of tax. By transferring the ownership from government to private enterprises, the government would not levy more taxation to compensate the increasing expenses of scientific research. This practice has been used in other areas not only confine to scientific research, a good example was the beginning of Los Angeles Olympic Marketing in the year of 1984. Secondly, privatization would enhance competition. The considerable sum of money through making investment in scientific research would draw companies and other super rich people’s attention. Consequently, new technology would be produced.

Through the above mentioned, even though there are some disadvantages in the privatization, the merits would be not impressive. In modern society, there would be more privatized investment come into use into the scientific research and other areas.


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