What do you mean by conditionals?

Hello Torsten
I think I have to change my favourite number now,that would be no.8,because every time I took the test I always got 8 correct answers.:slight_smile:
About conditionals,i don’t know it yet.What are conditonals?Does it always have to start the word “if”?Based on the story,i observed using different tenses of verb,modals,using of have,had + past participle of the verb.What does it mean?

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Conditionals are… conditions that rule things that could happen.

A thing will happen under one condition.

There are other words that mean the same as IF.

There are about 3 types of conditionals.

I’ll give some examples to help you but a deeper explanation will probably come from a native speaker.

If you put your hand in a fire, the fire burns your hand.
If you look at the mirror, you see your reflection.

It means that IF YOU DO SOMETHING, another thing happens.
The other types of conditionals are more complicated because they involve things that didn’t happen, things that could happen and things that would have happened under that condition.