What do you make of Google Chrome?

Slava has just told me that yesterday Google released the Beta version of their own browser called Chrome. Since we both are big Google fans, we installed this new program to test it. So far, it looks and feels great! What about you, have you heard of Chrome too? What is your favourite Internet browser?

Many thanks,

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Downloaded it an hour ago. Will test it out later.

My browser of choice is Firefox.

Can one test Firefox without downloading it to one’s hard drive?

No, if you want to test Firefox you need to install it on your computer. By the way, I’ve just found a very interesting statement on Wikipedia: “Mozilla said that Chrome’s introduction into the web browser market comes as “no real surprise” and that “Chrome is not aimed at competing with Firefox” — and furthermore should not affect Google’s financing of Firefox.”

I think it will be very difficult for both the Internet Explorer as well as Firefox to retain their market share now that Google has entered the browser battlefield.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I don’t have any favorite browser, and I seem to use different browsers for different types of browsing.

I use Safari for most of my browsing, because it does a faster job of various things. For example, it remembers how I fill out forms and fills them out ahead of me, whereas Firefox will wait for me to fill in the first letter and then make me grab the mouse and click on the last way I filled out a similar field in a form. A lot of the time-saving things in Firefox actually seem like a time-consuming pain in the neck after you get used to Safari.

When I want a browser that doesn’t do too many things automatically, I prefer Firefox. Safari will automatically decompress downloaded files, which gets to be a problem if the file is not supposed to be decompressed (such as project files for computer-assisted translation programs). Firefox won’t necessarily decompress the files. I also like Firefox when I’m looking at a stock market site or some other site where prices and other data are constantly updated. Firefox evidently incorporates Ajax technology, so if I look at Yahoo Finance, for example, all the price data is continuously revised.

If some site I’m looking at has very obnoxious advertising that I don’t want to see, I use Camino, which for years has done a very good job of blocking almost all advertising. You can also block ads with the Adblock Plus plugin in Firefox, but I find that Adblock Plus seems to think everything is an ad, whereas Camino appears to do a better job of distinguishing what is and what isn’t. Sometimes web pages may hang up your browser while they load advertising from some remote third-party location, so if you have Camino blocking that, it speeds everything up.

You can download a portable version of Firefox here and run it from a flash drive.

Hapless ESL teachers who use a company laptop may find it particularly useful, as it leaves no browsing footprints and will allow you to circumvent corporate surf controls.

Also of course it will store your bookmarks, personal settings, etc.


Hi Jamie,

I’ve tried out Safari but it doesn’t seem to work properly on Vista. I mean it runs pretty smoothly but the screen resolution is awful. The fonts are much too small no matter what size you select in the settings and the entire display is somehow distorted. It’s a pity because Safari looks like a very good alternative to Firefox.

So have you tried Chrome?

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I don’t know why you have those problems with Safari, Torsten, because when I run Safari in Vista there are no such problems, and the browser works and looks the same as it does on a Mac. Other PC users (which I normally am not) think it works perfectly.

I’ve downloaded Chrome, but I don’t see anything special about it yet.

Hi, guys

I downloaded Chrome, put it through its paces and I think I’m better off with tried and true IE.

Also, I want to spread awareness about a new, long-awaited (beta) version of Internet Explorer 8.0 that has been released and you can try it out for free downloading it form the Microsoft site. The user experience has been improved in several ways, and what gladdened me as a developer, now IE offers a built-in tool for looking at/modifying html code/CSS/javascripts. I haven’t yet explored all the things this tool can do, but at first sight its abilities look very promising.
PS: it’s not an advertisement :smiley:

It’s interesting that you like Internet Explorer as a developer, Alex, because developers I know are so angry with IE that they’ve told their clients they won’t support it anymore and are telling all their clients to use Firefox. It seems the problem is that Microsoft has a tendency to make major changes to their browser that happen to disable various common operations, but they don’t inform developers ahead of time. When IE 7 came out, their and many other companies’ web-based applications were disabled for clients who had upgraded while the developers ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to find out what it was about the browser that was causing it and what they needed to do to fix it.

According to them, by doing things this way, Microsoft suddenly put thousands of enterprises out of business until they could find out what the problem was and work out a solution. After the second time Microsoft pulled a stunt like this, my developer friends decided to stop supporting IE. Now they support nearly every other browser EXCEPT Internet Explorer – even Safari and Opera.

I think IE has been constantly losing market share and this trend is going to continue for quite some time especially now that Google has entered this battle field. Chrome might still not offer as many ‘add-ons’ as Firefox but it certainly is fast and stable. One of the features that are unique to Chrome is called ‘Incognito mode’. There are lot more useful features that only Chrome offers and I’m sure Google will gain a major market share of the browser market within the next couple years just as they did with other markets.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I’ve tried several different browsers, and Google Chrome sounds like an interesting one to at least try out. Unfortunately, I’m still running Win2000 :shock: :lol: and it appears Google Chrome won’t work with that. Do you know whether that’s really true?

Hi Amy,

As far as I can see, Chrome currently runs only on Vista and Windows XP. This might be one its drawbacks. Have you tried downloading and installing Chrome on your machine?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten

No, not yet. I might try it anyway, though, and see what happens. :lol:

Hi, Amy

You can try this method : nspeaks.com/348/google-chrome-on … my-method/
Maybe it will work for you :slight_smile: (I have no idea if this method works at all)

Hey, thanks, Alex!

Should be interesting, though, to see whether I’m technologically adept enough to manage that. The first challenge will be to see if I can figure out whether I’ve actually got SP4 on this thing. :lol:

You’re welcome, Amy !

And to check if you’ve got SP4, go to “My Computer” -> Properties, a window will open up with tabs, and on one of the tabs you should be able to see what SP you’ve got installed :slight_smile:

Hi Amy,

How are you getting along with your Chrome testing project? By the way, I’ve just noticed something pretty interesting: When I use the Firefox address bar to type in a keyword and hit “enter”, Yahoo is launched and shows me its search results. In the previous Firefox version, you could not use the address box to search keywords. You had to enter an existing URL or else you got an error message. Now the address bar functions as a search box too. The first time I saw this feature was with Chrome. It seems that Firefox and Chrome are quite similar in their functionality. However, what strikes me as strange is that the Firefox address bar is connected to Yahoo and not to Google.

Anyone noticed this too?

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You know what Torsten, when I first tried Chrome, I gave it a shot searching by typing in keywords into the address bar because Chrome doesn’t have the toolbar feature (and therefore I couldn’t find any search box which I could have used when searching from a website). I am a bit impressed, because this feature is a must if they want to create free toolbar window, which is quite messy sometime, if you have too many of them.