What do you look for in Skype English lessons?

I am an English teacher thinking about using Skype to teach online.
It seems that so many students on this forum take advantage of Skype to practice communicating in English.

I was wondering what students look for in Skype lessons?
Is it necessary that you speak with a native English speaker?
Should the speaker be an experienced teacher?
How long would the ideal lesson be?
Which is preferred, a structured lesson or a casual conversation?
Do you use Skype for speaking or listening test preparation?
What is a reasonable price for a Skype lesson?
Any other thoughts on the value of Skype in improving English?

Thanks in advance.

Skype is useful mainly to practise speaking skills, currently I am looking for people who would like to comunicate with me using Skype (my name on skype: alchemija-)

I think that both native speaker and experienced teacher should be almost the same.
But the proccess when you speak and are trying to express yourself is important more then native speaker or profiecient teacher, I joined the forum and I think that my speaking skills have improved.

What’s the reasonable price for the lession? That question is crucial to be considered, but I think that it depends on the currency, because for me (in Lithuania) a lession with a private teacher in his/her house costs 20 pounds per 1,5 hour. I think that for Brits it seems as burgain, but in LT the price is normal.

For me the ideal lession on skype should be about 45min., but that also depends on person.

and I would like to advice you to try teach online for free for one or two lessions and then it should be paid, then the learners will feel free to try your lessions. :wink: