What do you like reading?


What sort of books do you like reading - romances, historical novels, thrillers, adventure stories, biographies?

And a supplementary question: Do you skim read?


Hi Alan,

I rarely ever skim read, only if the book is too boring. But then again, I can recall situations when a novel was so full of suspense that I couldn’t resist but skipping a few pages to skim through a chapter or two. But I always go back for the full monty.

As to your first question - novels all the way. At the moment it’s Ian McEwan.

Hi Ralf,

  • Now there’s an expression! I wonder how many of our subscribers know what that means.


Well, “the full monty” was a new expression to me which I had to look up in a dictionary so many thanks for mentioning it, Ralf and Alan![YSaerTTEW443543]

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oh! I know this expression!
It is due to the fact that Mr Montgomery always wanted the “full breakfast”, isn’t it?
Well I read it somewere…
Please correct me whether I’m wrong!
As for “skim read” it is the first time I meet this expression. I understand that the meaning is not to read all the pages, for a reason or another…
Yes, I skim read (ther is something wrong, I feel sure…)when there are pages and pages of boring and absolutely unuseful descriptions.
I like reading, very much.
Now I am a member of a library, because books are now very expensive and, since I spend a lot of hours reading ( my average is abt 4-5 books per month) I cannot afford the cost, besides the fact that there is no place left in my house…

I like to read non-friction book and also some magazine ( reader digests or time). Before I read the books, I ll go through the book synopsis or see the picture ( if there are any).

Btw, this my sound a bit ancient, but have you guys read the brief history of time by Stephen Hawking. It is a fantastic book, I just discovered this lately. And what is more, we can download the PDF version for free. but still I gonna get the physical version for private collection.

The next book I’m thinking of reading is one called Grumpy Old Men, the Official Handbook. :wink:

I’ve run out of books to read here at home, so I’ve started reading Michener’s “The Covenant” again.

That dude was an excellent writer. In Texas and The Covenant, he craftily wrote about fictional characters set in historical circumstances. His book Space seemed to me to have a bit less fiction in it. I found all three to be excellent and if I were to assign a genre to his work, well… I suppose one might refer to it as Semifictional Historical Drama.


I like all kinds of novels – action/adventure, crime, suspense/horror, fantasy/science fiction (loved Piers Anthony’s Firefly)… even romance, if it has some drama/action in it and is written well.

My favorite “text” in college was a tome titled “The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen”. I loved the stories, even the Schwankmerchens (sp?).

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Hi Tom,

Do you like Cormac McCarthy? Probably my favourite American writer. I’m sure you’d like his books; Texas ennui paired with down-to-earth horror. Read ‘All the Pretty Horses’ and get hooked!

@Sylla - Tom is American.


I regret to say that I’ve not yet read any of McCarthy’s stuff. What do you recommend?


I live in the state of Tennessee in the USA. Right now I work in the System Process department of a telecommunications company. I am also involved with a group of invalids trying to make a movie.


Hi Tom,

All the pretty horses! The main character John Grady Cole reluctantly leaves his native Texas ranch after his grandfather (the rancher) dies because he doesn’t want to move to the city. He saddles his horse and rides south with his best mate Lacey Rawlins. On their way they meet young Jimmy Blevins who rides a very fine horse and carries a gun. After getting through a thunderstorm, both horse and gun are gone, and the odd trio find themselves in Mexico in pursuit of what’s lost - possessions, home, work, and of course love.

Imagine a very fine tale and a difficult love factor by the name of Alejandra somewhere in Mexico’s hostile desert.



CRAP! I’ve seen the movie!

Ah well, books are usually better than their movies – and frankly I’ve forgotten the plot of it, so it’ll probably end up being a great read anyway. Thanks!

Hello, people. I want to ask about Russian literature. Is there anyone who have read something of that? It is interesting for me, how popular these books are round the globe. Has anyone appreciated anything from that or maybe you think, it’s little strange? Thanks

Вик привет. Добро пожаловать на наш сайт! Как дела в Киве? I read a couple of Russian books you might never heard of such as “Как закалялась сталь” and “Мы” by Евгений Замятин.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I read quite a lot of Russian literature, such as Tolstoj, Dostoevskij, Puskin, Solzenicyn, Marinina, Goncarov…
I loved very much all of them despite their difference.

Thanks for greeting, Torsten, do you speak Russian? Kiev seems to be fine, well, up to September 1 and our traffic congestions. I have the first book you’ve mentioned in my library, however I’ve never read it. Did you read it in origin? Site is very helpful. Good luck.