What do you like or dislike in your country?

I would like to bring up a new topic for discussion in this forum. Let’s discuss what we like or dislike in our societies. Lots of people migrate to different countries mostly for economic reasons but there are also reasons for some people disliking certain things in their countries. At the same time, I met lots of Pakistanis in the UK who said that they liked their societies more but that they had migrated only for economic reasons.
As for me, I think lots of thinks must be changed in my country, Azerbaijan. People sould duly value democracy and fundamental freedoms. I wish corruption to be eliminated in this country. No matter how bizarre this sounds, I like conservatism in this country. Moral values are very important to me. I like religious people, mostly Muslims and Christians (I am speaking about sincere and kind peope). At the same time, I wish my countrymen value development properly.
Please, tell what you think about this. You can speak about different reasons why you like or dislike your society. This might include any reasons from political, economic to social. Thank you for joining me.

I like my country, but also dislike it.

I like and love my country because I was born and grew up here. There are many things I did here.

I dislike my country because of safety reason, and also air pollution.